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Xian woke up the next morning, naked in bed as she usually did. Ben did not come over. There was no food in the house, nor any vodka, so she decided to go shopping. Slipping on a polo shirt and some silk panties, she found her shorts draped over a chair in the living room.

She walked out the door, out to her car, a VW Bug that her last gwailao boyfriend gave her. He was from Santa Cruz, but when he went to Thailand, he gave it to her. She had already been in one accident with it.

She swung by Captain\'s Liquors on 5th Street, sauntered into the store

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\"\"Hey, China Girly, in for another fix of the white?\"\" The fat pig behind the counter was always calling her that. She wanted to kill him. Instead, she ignored him, went to aisle 12, and picked out the biggest bottle of Smirnoff that she could find. She didn\'t even look him in the face at the checkout counter.

\"\"Hehehe. Thanks for shopping Captain\'s. I know that you\'ll come again.\"\"

.....come again...... The words burned her, sending pulses to her rosebud. She stared at him.

\"\"Whoa, China girl! Was it something I said?\"\" Pursing her lips, she turned and left.

She walked quickly out of the store. She hoped that he couldn\'t see the wetness that was spreading, the slick feeling of her swelling rosebud against her silk panties. What!? Why should she feel these things? Devils!! This country hated her. She was sure of that. Now heaven was punishing her with filthy nightmares!! Enough! She scolded herself. Now for food.

She drove down Ashlan to the corner McDonald\'s, looping the Bug thru the parking lot to the drive thru.

\"\"Welcome to McDonald\'s, may I take your order?\"\" A gwai boy, just out of highschool. So innocent, with no face hair. She thought that he was cute.

\"\"Yes, please get me a cheeseburger, and a chocolate shake. That will be all.\"\" She looked up at him, and her nipples tingled, as they sometimes did when she was attracted to someone. This boy WAS cute. But, he was too old, and not useful to the state. She could not gain anything from this whelp. She smiled at him.

\"\"Here is your order. Thank you and come again.\"\" (come again) Her nipples burned, poking at the material of the shirt.

The boy saw! \"\"I-is there anything else that I can help you with?\"\" Ayah! Her red pavilion betrayed her! The wetness, spreading to her legs! Could he see that?

N-no... Thank you very much.\"\" Ayah!! Her rosebud itched!! It burned!! For this boy!!

Xian drove off. As she shifted to second, the vibrations from the car were too much! She rubbed her forbidden area thru the shorts all the way home, somehow getting in the house, her frame covered in sweat.

Ayah! Juice from her pavilion ran down her leg! Ayah! Her nipples burned! Xian grabbed her nipples trying to assuage the heat, the itchiness that was driving her crazy. Instead, the heat built up in her belly as she thought of the cute boy from McDonald\'s. Ayah! She fingered her rosebud through the shorts, felt it grow! Ayah!! She was dirty, but she did not care!

AAAAAH! She exploded, more juices dribbling down her legs onto the sofa, then to the floor! AYAH!! She ripped off the shorts, rubbing her rosebud through the sopping panties! Ayah!!! She needed the pleasure spheres!

She went to the secret place. Wiping the juices with a wash cloth, she inserted her mother\'s heirlooms into her red pavilion. Ayah!!! What a mess!! Her juices were all over the floor!! She hoped that neither Ben nor the neighbors would see. She cleaned up the mess, leaving the wash cloth in the sink. Then, she sat back down on the sofa... Xian took the spheres up into herself, and enjoyed the ringing of the spheres as she thought about the young boy, about what she could teach him.

Xian\'s fingers disappeared into her panties.

She shuddered. (Come again)

She shuddered again. And dozed off to sleep.

It was midday.

Ben peeked into the window of the apartment, and then let himself in with a his key. Xian was asleep on the sofa. She didn\'t smell drunk. In fact, Ben smelled something entirely different. He walked into her room, noticed the familiar ornate box open, the recesses unfilled by Xian\'s \'pleasure spheres.\' Aha! Ben decided to wake her up.

\"\"Rise and shine, sleepy head.\"\"

Xian opened her eyes to see Ben standing in her living room, the windows open. Ayah!! She was still in the polo shirt, her panties, but no shorts!! Ayah!! And her devil boyfriend standing over her!! The neighbors!!

\"\"\"\" she hissed. Ben smirked, complying with her wishes. Then, He came near her, kneeling on the floor at the foot of the sofa, glancing at the wet spot between her legs.

\"\"Wow, what\'s this?\"\" he said, fingering her still damp panties. \"\"Did you have a good dream this time?\"\"

\"\"You dog!\"\" she hissed. \"\"You will pay for this rudeness! Don\'t touch me! Goto Hell!\"\" She reached out to hit him.

\"\"Come again?\"\" He caught her hand, turning her over on her belly as she swooned.

\"\"Come again.\"\" His hand came down with a smak! on her buttocks, her breathing quickened. He could have swore (actually he knew) that the globes within were teasing her.

\"\"You like this? Come again!\"\" She moved her buttocks to meet his hand!

\"\"Bitch!!\"\" He slapped her hard, one last time as she exploded in juice and sweat all over the sofa.

Ben wasn\'t done just yet.

Xian opened her eyes again, dizzy from the explosions of wind and rain. Feeling her panties come off....!

Ayah! The storm started again as Ben licked her rosebud!! Ayah!! He grabbed her nipples!!! Ayah!! She was losing control of herself!! Ayah!! The heat was building, too fast!! Ayah!! Ben put a finger inside her smaller pavilion!!! Her mother\'s spheres betrayed her!!

Xian exploded with the wind and the rain again! Ben, nor any other man had ever done this to her before!! But that wasn\'t all... Suddenly, she was on top of him; his tongue was on her rosebud as the bells began to ring in her red pavilion! His root was at her lips... and just as suddenly, in her mouth. She flopped the root around in her mouth until-

SMAK! Ayah!! He rang the gong of her red pavilion! His tongue teasing her rosebud!! She sucked his root now, running her tongue over the trunk as it grew thicker, filling her mouth and throat with sensations that could not be denied.

SMAK! Ayaaah!! She exploded as he did, sending the seed of his root down her throat. She quivered as she sucked and swallowed his root, then she exploded again as his teeth brushed against her rosebud deliciously. His tongue lapped at her bud, sipping her juices.

Exhausted from the day\'s activities, they lapsed off to sleep together for the first time.


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